This year's program will include the following musical selections:

Gymnopedie No. 1 - Erik Satie
Symphony for Brass and Percussion - Alfred Reed
Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
The Sound of Silence - Paul Simon
Fly to Paradise - Eric Whitacre

Drum Majors

Izzy Brown, Kory Mitchell, Anika Vennel

Colorguard Captain(s)

Gwen Snell, Danielle Corbin, Kim Davis

Band President

Smera Dhal

Band Vice President

Ed Katzmark

Field Coordinator

Mackenzie Salmond

Logistics Manager

Aidan McHugh

Flute Section Leader(s)

Annie Bukowski, Riley Jones

Clarinet Section Leader(s)

Janie Pan, Alex Bryant, Rebecca Cowles

Saxophone Section Leader(s)

Max Guo, Joseph Pabian

Trumpet Section Leader(s)

Smera Dhal, Joe Haberman,
Zach Pedowitz

Mellophone Section Leader(s)

Justin Kremer, Evan Campbell

Baritone Section Leader(s)

Nima Nwozo, Marti Wolf

Trombone Section Leader(s)

Jackson Wysocki, Emma Downing,
Ben Albright

Tuba Section Leader(s)

Ed Katzmark

Snare Section Leader

Eric English

Quads Section Leader/Battery Captain

Ayden Marshall

Bass Drum Section Leader

Canon Grogan

Mallet Percussion Section Leader/Pit Captain

Abby Doster

Peer Mediator

Jacque Esquivel

Logistics Team

Kimberly Gabriel, Ethan Johnson, Justin Hughes, Kyla Hampson, Chris Fitzpatrick, Claudia DeCredico, Molly Dines, Ashley Hoover