Instructions for end of year MHS Band property returns this coming Monday (May 4th)

All concert attire currently assigned to 9th-12th grade students (tuxedos and dresses) should be returned along with any school-owned instrument currently checked out to graduating seniors, students that are moving/withdrawing, or students not continuing in band for 2020-2021. Note: All students continuing in band next year should keep any school-owned instrument currently assigned to them for summer practice.

The Process:

Anytime between 12:00 (noon) and 3pm on Monday all students should have these items dropped off in the MHS bus lane near the top of the staircase leading to the bandroom. Pull into the bus lane with your vehicle and when you reach the drop off table, exit your vehicle and place the items on this table under the bus canopy. Six feet behind the table will be a volunteer/band director who will ask for the student's name for inventory purposes. Please email Mr. Shumick if this is an issue and alternate arrangements will be worked out (

Before returning concert attire, girls should launder their dresses, and the tuxedos and dresses should be returned in the garment bag that they were issued in. Every student enrolled in a band class this school year was issued concert attire, and failure to return it will result in an grade of I (incomplete) with charges added to the student's account.

On Wednesday, May 20th, all marching band instruments and concert instruments still needed for summer practice can be picked up. Stay tuned for more information about how this will work.